Edition 2015

flowertime 2015

Flowertime, a splendid dream of fragrance and colour in the heart of Brussels

Maybe it's still fresh in your memory: the colourful and skilfully decorated flower garden of the first edition of "Floraliëntime" in the summer of 2013, on the Grand-Place in Brussels and in the City Hall. This was a tremendous success, which drew more than 20,000 visitors in four days' time!

We therefore have great pleasure in announcing the second edition of this magnificent international plant and flower event. We have now given it a new nameto appeal to flower lovers from all four corners of the globe: Flowertime.

This edition will take place from 13 to 16 August 2015, and again on the Grand-Place and in the City Hall of Brussels. This is a dream occasion for a group excursion.

The driving forces behind Flowertime are the City of Brussels, the Flower Carpet Association – which organises the famous Brussels flower carpets – and the Floralies of Ghent, which has been a pioneer in the Belgian flower and plant art world for centuries.

Flowertime 2015 in pictures